Religion & Law: Legal/Political Commentary: Plato vs. Tyrants

According to Plato, a “tyrant” is “faithless” and “friendless” … and “goes in to politics and bounces up and says and does whatever happens to come into his head” and “will fancy that he is able to rule, not only over men, but also over the gods.”

Accordingly, he urges: “Those of you who are rushing after tyranny I urge to change their course and to flee for your lives from what is counted as ‘bliss’ by men of insatiable cravings and empty heads.”

His reasoning is clear: “Freedom creates rather more drones in the democratic than there were in the oligarchical State … The people have always some champion whom they set over them and nurse into greatness.
Yes, that is their way.
And the protector of the people is like him; having a mob entirely at his disposal …” ~ Plato, Republic

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